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Hi! I’m Lucia

A UX/UI designer and published writer

I work with startups to design solutions for complex problems, especially in the FinTech space. I have been a journalist and marketer in my past life.

Here is a fun fact as an icebreaker: In the past 5 years, I have lived and worked in 17 countries. 

UX Case Studies

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Blockchain Enabled Property Investment

Responsive Web App

Meridio is a blockchain venture company with a mission to make property shares divisible and easy to trade. I worked with the team to create a web app solution for real estate owners and investors alike.

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Intuitive Inventory Management

Responsive Web & Mobile Designs

Tasked to scale a tedious and manual process digitally, I worked with a leading logistics client to bring simplicity and focus to self-service inventory management.

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Better Web Experiences for Blockchain Tech

Responsive Web Design

Despite all the hype, blockchain technology still faces challenges in mass adoption due to its complexity and difficulty to use. I worked with Digix–an ambitious digital token company–to design a better cross-device user experience for the average non-technical user.

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Cross-Border Payments Made Easy

Mobile UX/UI Design

Multi-currency, cross-border payments cost SME owners time, money and energy. This mobile app was designed to provide a smooth, fast and enjoyable remittances solution.

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Connect People Through Music

Mobile UX/UI Design

Music streaming has made listening a solitary experience. I designed a mobile experience to make music social again by connecting listeners with the right people.

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DIY Bike Tour Guide

Research + UX Design

Guided bicycle tours are inflexible and costly. Based on in-depth research of consumer needs, I designed an app-as-a-service for independent travelers looking for authentic ways to experience new destinations.

Cross-Device Grocery Shopping

Research + Interaction Design

To make grocery shopping easier for busy working professionals, I conducted extensive research on urban dwellers’ grocery shopping habits and behaviour to design a seamless cross-device experience for them.